Sundown Decaf - No Shakes Blend

Roast: Medium

Profile: Full-Bodied, Toast, Nuts

Source: Peru

Swiss Water Process Decaf

Fair-Trade & Organic

Many people start and end their day with coffee. However, depending on the time of day, drinking fully caffeinated coffee might not be the best option. Thankfully, our Sundown Decaf is available so you can enjoy your coffee day or night.

We know there aren't many quality decaf coffee options on the market, much less one that is both tasty and organic. While creating our Sundown Decaf blend, we wanted a decaf option that didn’t compromise on taste or use chemical solvents to remove the caffeine. Using the Swiss Water® Process to pull out more caffeine without impacting the flavor of the beans, we crafted a full-bodied blend filled with notes of toast and nuts so you can pair your morning and your evening with a hot cup of awesome.