Double Barrel Black - Midnight Blend

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Roast: Dark / French

Profile: Smokey Toasted Oak

Source: Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, South America


You like to be bold. So do we. That's why we created a delicious java that packs a punch. With a smoky flavor profile and hints of toasted oak, our Double Barrel Black coffee is dark and bold without being too bitter.

If you want a coffee that can keep pace with your busy schedule, this blend is for you. 


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What Is a Dark Roast?

As an avid coffee drinker, you've probably noticed that some coffee tastes different than others. Some blends are light and fruity, while others are dark with richer flavors. The taste of your brew will vary depending on how long the coffee beans have been roasted. 

Dark roasts stay in the roaster for longer periods. This extra time causes the beans to expand, releasing moisture and of some of the caffeine molecules during the process. As a result, coffee beans that are dark roasted are larger in size and lighter in weight.

What Does Dark Roast Taste Like?

Typical dark roasts taste how you would imagine an old-school cup of coffee to taste. If you're envisioning a cup of black coffee at a diner or a mug from your parent's drip machine, you probably have the right idea. 

In simple terms, dark roast provides a straightforward full-body flavor with a classic taste and long finish. As the name suggests, dark roast coffees are typically darker in color and can range from dark brown to almost black. You'll taste the consistently bold char of the roasting process over the more subtle nuances found in lighter blends. Dark roasts provide an intense flavor that is sure to wake you up no matter what time you enjoy a cup.

What Is a French Roast?

Light and dark blends are named based on how long they roast. There are different names for the color of the beans as they roast, too. The term French roast applies when the beans are the color of dark chocolate. 

As you could probably guess, French roast originated in France when dark roasted coffee was just as popular as it is now. Other European countries began roasting coffee beans as well, but the French proudly took on the distinction of roasting theirs the darkest out of everyone. 

French roast coffee provides a more intense coffee flavor than other roasts. To achieve this effect, the beans undergo a second roast in which their internal structures begin to collapse. 

What Does French Roast Taste Like?

There are many varieties of French roast coffee, which allows for many flavor profiles. A french roast is considered to be slightly burnt but still delicious in taste, like the char marks on your favorite cut of meat fresh off the grill. This wonderfully smoky taste is a forward element in all French roast coffee, including our Double Barrel Black blend.

As your cup of coffee begins to cool down, you'll start to notice lighter elements, such as fruity aromas, despite being dark roasted. The sweeter flavors are present due to the sugars in the coffee beans caramelizing during roasting. So if you're looking for a stronger tasting flavor with a smoky aroma, French roast is your answer. 

Try Our Double Barrel Black Coffee Today

If you're looking for a dark roast that's sure to help you grab your morning by the horns, give our Double Barrel Black coffee a try. Order online today to taste the Alpha difference. 

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