Smooth Operator - Special Blend

Size Guide

Roast: Medium

Profile: Chocolate, Hazelnut Aroma, Full Body

Source: Brazil, Pacific Islands, Central America


Whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee with your team or taking this one solo, the consistent,smooth flavors of our Smooth Operator will make drinking a cup of this coffee the best part of your day. With this coffee's deliciously sweet hints of milk chocolate and its hazelnut aroma, it's no wonder why we named this blend Smooth Operator. The subtle flavors will sneak up on you with each sip, and before you know what's happening, you'll find yourself reaching for another cup.

At Alpha Coffee, we pride ourselves on consistency, so you can be confident that every cup of Smooth Operator will be just as good as the last. Once you try our Smooth Operator blend, you'll never go back to what you were drinking before.

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Medium Blend Coffee From Alpha Coffee

As a medium blend coffee, Smooth Operator has some unique features. The first benefit of a medium blend coffee lies in the coffee beans themselves.

A medium-roasted coffee bean is a dark brown color similar to your favorite milk chocolate bar. The roasting time for a medium roast coffee give the bean a perfectly sweet flavor while also being medium bodied. "Body" refers to how the coffee tastes in your mouth — for example, a medium-bodied brew has a smooth and almost buttery texture.

Another benefit of Smooth Operator is its classification as a coffee blend. To make a blend, roasters may combine coffees from different countries and growing regions to help enhance the best qualities of each origin. Smooth Operator combines coffee from Brazil, the Pacific Islands and Central America.

The location in which your coffee is grown is a huge factor in how it tastes. To create the sweetly addicting flavor of Smooth Operator, we combine the chocolatey, nutty flavors found in Brazilian and Central American coffee beans with the sweet, full-bodied deliciousness of beans from the Pacific Islands for fresh, irresistible flavors.


Get More Delicious Coffee for Less

Once you try Smooth Operator, it'll quickly become your go-to coffee for any occasion. At Alpha Coffee, we want you to have great coffee at a great deal. With our subscription service, you'll save money while ensuring you never run out of our awesome coffee.

The savings don't stop at the automatic 10% discount you receive upon signing up. Our subscription members also receive special gifts and discounts as a thank you for choosing to drink great coffee. With delivery options ranging from two to eight weeks, you can be confident you'll always have the freshest coffee and the best deal.


Buy Smooth Operator Coffee Today

Along with helping you save money, each purchase of Alpha Coffee makes a difference in our soldiers' lives. Every bag purchased donates a cup of coffee to our troops downrange. Additionally, your purchase will help send funds to veteran charities across the country and local outdoor organizations in the Utah area.

Make the right choice for your taste buds and purchase a bag of Smooth Operator coffee today. Once you try Alpha Coffee, you'll never want to drink coffee from anyone else again.

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