Warrior Select - Combat Roast

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Roast: Medium Dark

Profile: Dark Chocolate and Walnut

Source: Central America, Brazil, Papua New Guinea


You're a warrior, but can your coffee keep up? Change that today with our Warrior Select blend – the premium fuel you need without a sacrifice in quality or taste.

We love this coffee so much so that if we had a house blend, this would be it. The delectable flavors of dark chocolate and walnut create a smooth and consistent taste batch after batch. You deserve a good cup of joe. After one sip of this blend, you'll never go back to what you thought passed as coffee before. 


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What Is Medium Roast Coffee? 

Most people are either team light roast or team dark roast, but what about medium roast coffee? It doesn't seem to be on the radar for many. What's the difference? 

A medium roast coffee is a great balance between the tasting notes of the coffee beans and the heightened flavor that comes from a longer roasting process. A medium roast is fully developed with a rich brown color that is darker than a light roast. Similar to a dark roast, beans that are medium roasted have natural oils that appear on their surface due to a longer time in the roaster.

The result is a perfect balance of acidity and bitterness, which makes for a consistently smooth cup of coffee with every sip. 

What Is Dark Roast Coffee?

Dark roast coffee is created when beans remain in a roaster at a high temperature for an extended period of time. Keeping the beans on the roaster for a longer period causes them to lose more of their moisture and expand. This means coffee beans that are dark roasted are larger in size and lighter in weight. The result is a slightly less caffeinated coffee with a simplified flavor profile. 

For those who like coffee with rich flavors and nutty undertones, dark roast coffee is ideal. The longer roasting process converts the acidity of the coffee to a more bold and bitter taste. 

What Is Medium-Dark Roast Coffee? 

To achieve a medium-dark roast, the coffee needs to stay in the roaster until the natural oils that are released have fully coated the exterior of the beans. The original flavors of the beans remain intact, and those flavors become heightened without being eclipsed by the taste of the roast. 

Our Warrior Select blend combines the sweetness of a medium roast with the richness of a dark roast to create a coffee with bold flavors that truly live up to its name. When you taste this Combat Roast, you'll experience a full-bodied flavor with a smooth and consistent taste. 

Coffee With a Cause 

Alpha Coffee is co-owned and operated by a veteran and a military spouse. We know that our troops run on coffee... usually pretty bad coffee. That's why we've created the Coffee for Troops program to send coffee to our brave men and women deployed downrange. 

With every purchase from our company, you help us send coffee to deployed troops and donate to veteran charities and local organizations. We value our community, our planet, and those who serve. Premium craft coffee with a kickass mission? This isn't a secret you'll want to keep to yourself. Tell all your friends to try a new coffee company and help us continue to fuel warriors at home and overseas.

Other ways to support: 

Good things happen over coffee. Use your purchasing power to improve the lives of our active and retired military men and women. 

Order Our Warrior Select Combat Roast Today

Warriors know that life's too short to drink subpar coffee. Order our Warrior Select blend to taste the Alpha difference.

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