Single Origin - Kenya - Kianderi Station - 12 oz

Roast: Light

Country: Kenya

Source: Kianderi Station

Region: Nyeri, Central Kenya

Varietal: Hybrid SL-28/34

Processing: Washed

Are you ready to explore the terroir—that characteristic flavor imparted on coffee beans by a region’s unique climate, soil, and topography—of some of the world’s great coffee-growing regions?

Our World Origins line of coffees are for those coffee lovers who are ready to take a step beyond our delicious coffee blends to try something truly unique.

This Kenyan coffee is a superior example of great Eastern African coffee. Kenya benefits from its location right along the equator and its rich mountainous soils, and this coffee maximizes that potential. It has become a favorite of the Alpha Coffee staff as well as many of our customers.  

These delicious beans boast citrusy, sweet, balanced, and complex flavor notes of black tea and lemon. This coffee is a lightly roasted, light-bodied, but full-flavored example of just how good Kenyan coffee can be.

For a truly excellent cup of pour over, drip, French press, or AeroPress coffee, this varietal is a great choice. Reach for this single-origin coffee for a light, tasty brew that takes you to the heart of East Africa.

Comes in a 12-ounce bag with a one-way bleeder valve for maximum freshness. Choose whole bean or pre-ground.

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