Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

While scrolling through Alpha Coffee options online, you may notice the term "medium-dark" describing some of our roasts. If you drink coffee frequently, this word is probably familiar to you. But what exactly is a medium-dark roast? At Alpha Coffee, we pride ourselves in being as knowledgable as we can in order to provide our customers with the best experience possible. So, let's talk about medium-dark roasts and how they differ from other roasts.

What Is Medium-Dark Roast Coffee?

As the name suggests, medium-dark roasts are halfway between a medium roast and a dark roast. During the roasting process, the coffee beans remain in the roaster until they begin cracking from the heat. Medium-dark roasted beans are darker in color, with the oil from the beans starting to rise to the surface. 

As coffee beans darken during the roasting process, they begin to lose their natural aroma and flavor. Their caffeine levels and density also decrease. A lighter roasted bean will have greater acidity levels than a medium-dark roasted bean, as the acidity reduces when oil rises to the surface. 

The Flavor Profile of Medium-Dark Roasts

By roasting the coffee beans to create a medium-dark roast, the coffee can develop a delightful bittersweet taste. Medium-dark roasts carry their flavor throughout the brewing process. Subtle chocolate flavors may also appear, as seen in the bittersweet dark chocolate and walnut flavor profile of Rosie's Rocket Fuel at Alpha Coffee. 

When you drink a medium-dark blend, you can be confident that the flavor will be the same with each cup. These roasts are consistent both in flavor and aroma. Because it's a darker coffee, a medium-dark roast's rich taste and full bodied flavor make it a memorable choice. 

How Medium-Dark Roasts Are Different From Other Roasts

The different levels of roasts can be confusing for beginners and experienced coffee drinkers alike. As you dabble with dark and light roasts, finding the perfect flavor and aroma for you can be challenging. Here are some tips to help with your next coffee selection:

  • If you want a coffee with high caffeine content and natural, complex flavors, try a light roast.
  • For those who like coffee with lower acidity levels, then the medium and medium-dark roasts are a great option. 
  • For a bold and classic option with a bit less caffeine, try a darker roast. 

The most significant difference between medium-dark roasts and lighter roasts is the amount of body. The "body" refers to the feeling of heaviness in your mouth as you drink your coffee. Medium-dark roast coffees have a full body that you can feel on your tongue with every sip. 

Try Our Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Today

Buying medium-dark roast coffee from Alpha Coffee does more than promise a delicious coffee experience. With every bag of coffee sold, we will donate a cup of coffee to U.S. troops. Try our coffee today to make a positive impact in your life and the lives of our brave men and women. If you'd like to experience the deliciousness of a medium-dark roast, we encourage you to purchase a bag of Rosie's Rocket Fuel or Warrior Select today!

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