Medium Roast Coffee

You may have noticed that medium and dark roast coffee have pretty different flavor profiles compared to that of light roasts, but do you know why? Many assume that the color of a coffee bean or its caffeine level is what determines the roasting level distinction. While this is true on some level, the spectrum of coffee roasts have varying characteristics that you may not realize initially.

We at Alpha Coffee created this handy guide to help you learn what medium roast coffee is and how it's different from other roasting types. We also encourage you to try one of our delicious medium roasts, such as our Charlie Don't Surf or Task Force Zulu. Once you try one of our delightful medium roasts, you'll never go back to what you were drinking before. 

Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Generally, coffee roasts fall into four categories: light, medium, medium-dark and dark. The color of your coffee bean gradually grows darker and oilier with each roasting type. Medium roast coffee is comparable to chestnuts in color and and is typically a shade or two darker than light roast coffee. 

As coffee beans roast, oils inside the bean are released and rise the the surface. The amount of surface oils can help determine the roast and flavor of the coffee beans. Medium roast beans should appear dry on their surface and have a balanced flavor right between the brightness of a light roast and the smokiness of a dark roast. 

Difference Between Medium and Dark Roasts

As you compare a medium roast coffee to a dark roast, one of the first differences you will notice is the color of the beans. A dark roast resembles dark chocolate in color with an oily surface. Another difference is the level of caffeine, which decreases the higher the roast level. As a result, dark roasts usually contain less caffeine than that of a medium roast. 

Medium roasts offer a nice balance between brightness and smokiness, and dark/french roasts are often considered to be the most bitter of the roasting categories. 

Difference Between Medium and Medium-Dark Roasts

The main difference between a medium and medium-dark roast is the flavor profile. Medium-dark roasts remain inside the roaster for a few minutes longer to darken the beans. During this time, the medium-dark roast loses some of the more complex nuances in taste that you can detect in a medium roast, resulting in a more consistent, classic flavor.  

A medium-dark roast produces a richer, and slightly darker color than a medium roast. These coffee beans also create a slightly bittersweet aftertaste, though not as much as a dark roast. 

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