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What Is Single Origin Coffee?

As you browse the coffee selection at Alpha Coffee, you may notice that some of our products have a single origin label. But what is single origin coffee? And what should it mean to coffee drinkers such as yourself?

Luckily, Alpha Coffee is here to answer these questions and give you a few tips for when you shop our fantastic selection of single origin coffees. 

Single Origin Coffee vs. Coffee Blends

A single origin coffee is made with beans from one single region, crop, or producer. Many single origin coffees have the same name as the producer to make it easy for buyers to determine whether what coffee is single origin. When you buy this type of coffee, the purchase helps support a farming community. Another benefit is that single origin coffee allows those who prefer a particular coffee bean to buy products containing only those beans. 

What's the difference between single origin coffee and a coffee blend? For a coffee to be a blend, it must contain beans from multiple sources. For example, roasters create a Central American blend by using coffee beans from different countries or regions in Central America instead of one single area. Many coffee producers will create blends with specific flavor profiles in mind, finding and combining beans from different growing regions with different tasting notes. While single origin coffee highlights the specific and complex flavors of one place. For this reason, single origin coffees are also usually roasted on the lighter side of the spectrum. 

Organic Single Origin Coffee

Along with supporting a community, purchasing organic single origin coffee can help the environment. 

Non-organic coffee is one of the most heavily treated plants in the world. Most farmers spray pesticides and harmful chemicals to protect their plants from insects. Farmers apply these pesticides directly onto the coffee beans, which will eventually be in your cup. 

When producers use organic farming methods, the main focus is not creating the highest crop yield but making the healthiest choices for the environment and consumers. An organic farm does not use pesticides at any point in the process. Instead, farmers use natural fertilizers and remove weeds by hand or with the help of animals. 

As you compare organic single origin coffee to conventional coffee, the benefits are clear to see. The reduced use of fertilizers in organic single origin coffee benefits the consumer and protects the farmer and those who pick the coffee beans from exposure to chemicals. Using natural farming methods also reduces the amount of chemical runoff in the water supply and surrounding habitats, which creates a healthier environment. 

Buy Single Origin Coffee from Alpha Coffee

Alpha Coffee is proud to offer an impressive line of organic single origin coffees. Travel the world without leaving your kitchen with our products from locations such as Peru and Ethiopia. When you buy our single origin coffee beans, you can be confident you are making a positive impact in the lives of the farmers who grew them. In addition, Alpha Coffee will donate a cup of coffee to deployed U.S. soldiers for every bag sold. Taste the Alpha difference today!

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