Rosie's Rocket Fuel - Entrepreneur Dark Roast

Size Guide

Roast: Medium Dark

Profile: Dark Chocolate and Walnut

Source: Central America, Brazil, Papua New Guinea

At Alpha Coffee, we're always striving for better — better coffee, better flavors and better opportunities for our servicemen and women. That's why we created Rosie's Rocket Fuel, which combines two of our favorite things – awesome coffee and giving back!

Along with being delicious, each purchase of Rosie's Rocket Fuel donates $1 to The Rosie Network. As a veteran-run business ourselves, we know how important it is for our service members of active and veteran status to receive the needed support for small business ownership. Our brave men and women have worked hard to keep us safe — help us repay them by supporting their pursuit of the American Dream. 

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Delicious Coffee With a Cause

When you want a cup of coffee, you want something that will be fresh and flavorful and while also fulfilling your cravings. Our Rosie's Rocket Fuel blend is the perfect combination of dark chocolate and walnut that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. With the options to purchase a bag of whole beans or pre-ground roast, you can enjoy a cup no matter what your brewing style is.

As a medium-dark roast, Rosie's Rocket Fuel has a fuller, richer taste than its lighter counterparts. During the roasting process, a medium-dark roast coffee bean will begin taking on the flavor of the roasting oven and obtain a subtle smokiness.

If you like coffee with plenty of body and flavors, choosing a medium-dark roast such as Rosie's Rocket Fuel is a perfect option. This full-bodied brew is packed full of flavor, you’ll be sure to enjoy it at all hours of the day.

Another critical factor in creating Rosie's Rocket Fuel is the source of our coffee beans. For this blend, Alpha Coffee uses beans sourced from Central America, Brazil and Papua New Guinea. The coffee beans grown in all three locations contain sweet and incredibly smooth flavors that, when combined, create irresistible blends that will have you pouring yourself another cup so you can continue savoring the taste.


The Rosie Network

Much like Rosie the Riveter, The Rosie Network inspires active-duty soldiers, veterans and military spouses to start a small business with a "we can do it" attitude. For over 10 years, The Rosie Network has been actively training and mentoring military men, women and spouses at no cost to them. Their services empower those who currently serve or have served to take control of their finances for a greater sense of self-sufficiency.

Join us in supporting this great cause by buying a bag of Rosie's Rocket Fuel or signing up for our subscription service.


Shop Rosie's Rocket Fuel Today 

If you'd like to purchase delicious coffee and help give back to our servicemen and women, try a bag of Rosie's Rocket Fuel today! Along with donating a dollar with every sale, Alpha Coffee also donates a cup of coffee to our troops overseas with every purchase. Make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others by shopping Alpha Coffee. 

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