Smooth Operator - Special Blend - C4T

Roast: Medium

Profile: Chocolate, Hazelnut Aroma

Roast: Medium

Profile: Chocolate, Hazelnut Aroma, Full Body

Source: Brazil, Pacific Islands, Central America


Whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee with your team or taking this one solo, the consistent,smooth flavors of our Smooth Operator will make drinking a cup of this coffee the best part of your day. With this coffee's deliciously sweet hints of milk chocolate and its hazelnut aroma, it's no wonder why we named this blend Smooth Operator. The subtle flavors will sneak up on you with each sip, and before you know what's happening, you'll find yourself reaching for another cup.

At Alpha Coffee, we pride ourselves on consistency, so you can be confident that every cup of Smooth Operator will be just as good as the last. Once you try our Smooth Operator blend, you'll never go back to what you were drinking before.