Sundown Decaf - No Shakes Blend

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Roast: Medium

Profile: Fully Body, Toast

Source: Peru

Swiss Water Process Decaf

Fair Trade & Organic


Love the taste but want to skip the caffeine... put this coffee in your sights.


We decided that any decaf we offered had to be as good as all our other coffee so we sourced some delicious Organic and Fairtrade certified coffee from Peru. 

It is decaffeinated through the Swiss Water process that removes 99.9% of caffeine through a natural water process that does not use any of the harsh chemicals most decaffeinated coffees go through.  

So when the sun goes down and you want that amazing Alpha taste without being up all night, reach for this bag of awesome!


1 lb bag with one way bleeder valve for maximum freshness - choose whole bean or pre-ground


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