Single Origin - Papua New Guinea - Mount Jabara - 12 oz - C4T

Roast: Medium Light

Country: Papua New Guinea

Roast: Medium Light

Country: Papua New Guinea


Source: Kuta Plantation, Kuta Mill

Region: Central Hagen District

Varietal: Typica, Bourbon

Processing: Fully Washed, Sun Dried


Our World Origins line of coffees are for those coffee lovers who are ready to take the next step beyond our delicious coffee blends to try something unique and amazing.

Are you ready to explore the "terroir" - that characteristic flavor imparted on coffee beans by the unique climate, soil, and topography - of some of the worlds great coffee growing regions?

Out of the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea comes this truly excellent coffee. Grown by villagers with a long heritage and tradition of coffee production in the remote Mount Jabara region, this is a special find.

This is a single origin bean with a unique taste that is excellent in any brewing format.

A medium light roast, this deep, earthy coffee has a velvet texture with a subtle dried fruit flavor and low acidity. A long pleasant finish with fig notes rounds it out.

If you like bold coffee, this is a coffee offering that we guarantee you'll grow to love as much as we do.




12 ounce bag with one way bleeder valve for maximum freshness - choose whole bean or pre-ground