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World Origins: Mount Gajah Aceh - Sumatra

Our World Origins line of coffees are for those coffee lovers who are ready to take the next step beyond our delicious coffee blends to try something unique and amazing.

Are you ready to explore the "terroir" - that characteristic flavor imparted on coffee beans by the unique climate, soil, and topography - of some of the worlds great coffee growing regions?

Indulgently smooth coffee, grown by the Gajah Mountain Co-operative. These arabicas from Aceh, the province at the northernmost tip of Sumatra, are grown high in the jungle forest of the Aceh Mountains in the lovely mountain basin surrounding Lake Tawar by smallholder farmers. All are grown in shade and almost all without any chemicals.

The result is amazingly good coffee with
a deep, rich, earthy and peaty flavor with a dark cocoa intensity.  A syrupy feel with a velvety rich smoothness make this coffee perfect for French Press or espresso.

This is the one we reach for on cold mornings or when we just want a strong, delicious cup of coffee.


Country: Sumatra
Source: Regional Blend, Crowned Guda
Region: North Sumatra, Aceh
Varietal: Ateng, Bergendal, Jember, Typica
Processing: Wet Hulled

12 ounce bag with one way bleeder value for maximum freshness - chose whole bean or pre-ground

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Category: Single Origin

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