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Alpha Coffee's Top 10: The Best Moments of 2023

Alpha Coffee is thrilled to share with you the top ten best moments that made 2023 a truly exceptional year. From exciting product launches to impactful collaborations and community-driven initiatives, each moment is a testament to our commitment to give back to our Veterans, Planet and Community. 

As we revisit the highlights that shaped this last year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member of the Alpha Coffee community. Now, grab your favorite cup of Alpha Coffee, sit back, and let's relive the top ten best moments of 2023 together.


1. Hosting Utah's Tillman Honor 

At our flagship location, in the heart of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Alpha Coffee, in collaboration with Arizona State University, Alumni Association of Utah, and The Pat Tillman Foundation, proudly hosted the Tillman Honor Run for the sixth consecutive year.

The Tillman Honor Run, a 4.2-mile fun run, walk, or ruck, served as a powerful tribute to the memory of Pat Tillman - an NFL player who volunteered with his brother, Kevin, to become a US Army Ranger after the attacks on 9/11. Pat was tragically killed by friendly fire during a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan.

This event highlighted our unwavering support for the Tillman Scholars Foundation. All proceeds from the run contributed to this noble cause, furthering the foundation's mission to provide academic scholarships and professional development opportunities to veterans and their spouses.

Additionally, we introduced the inaugural "Pints for Pat" after the run this year. Participants enjoyed two refreshing drinks and a hearty bratwurst, contributing directly to The Tillman Scholars Foundation. This event is a proud part of our Grounds for Good Program and we are excited to host again in 2024!

2. Unprecedented Snowfall Raises the Great Salt Lake Nearly 6FT in One Year

As Utah locals and avid ski enthusiasts, one of our most exhilarating moments of 2023 was witnessing the extraordinary snowfall in the canyons. The winter season of 2022-23 was truly one for the books as Alta surpassed an incredible 900 inches—or 75 feet—of snowfall. This monumental achievement shattered the resort's previous record of 748 inches set in the early 1980s.

The significance of this achievement extended beyond the thrill of hitting the slopes. As snowpack typically melts in the spring, contributing to the rise of The Great Salt Lake by about 2 feet, the record snowpack in 2023 triggered an unprecedented increase of nearly 6 feet!

This wasn't just a win for the ski community; it was a triumph for Utah's ecosystem as a whole. The substantial snowfall and subsequent melt reinforced our commitment to preserving and appreciating Utah’s great outdoors.


3. Participating in the Nature Conservancy’s Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the Freeport Drain Wetlands Project

On May 17th, we had the honor of donating coffee and participating in The Nature Conservancy's ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Freeport Drain Wetlands Project—a pivotal initiative designed to enhance the ecological health of the Great Salt Lake.

This project introduced new wetlands engineered to function as a natural purifier for the lake. With a focus on sustainability, these wetlands play a crucial role in removing metals, debris, and garbage from the water before it reaches the Great Salt Lake.

The Nature Conservancy's commitment to preserving environmental ecosystems in Utah and beyond is truly amazing. We are extremely proud to support the Nature Conservancy through our Grounds for Good Program.


4. Sponsoring Four Veteran & Active Duty Women During The 3rd Annual Women's Epic Race

2023 also marked a special moment as we proudly sponsored four veteran and active-duty women during the 3rd Annual Women's Epic Race. This special event holds a cherished tradition of inviting an active military member or veteran to carry the American flag at each race.

This year, our excitement soared as we seized the opportunity to have even more American flags flying proudly during the race! Our partnership with Women’s Epic is rooted in a shared commitment to ensure that more women, particularly those who have served in the military, have the opportunity to experience the transformative magic of the trails. It's about creating not just a race but a platform for deep and meaningful connections among women who share a passion for the outdoors.


5. Alpha Coffee Presents the Grounds for Good Series

Introducing the Grounds for Good Series, a meaningful exploration into our commitment to making a positive impact. Rooted in our Grounds for Good Program, where over 10% of our profits are dedicated to supporting organizations focused on Veterans, the Planet, and our Community, this year, we embarked on a special journey to delve deeper into the stories behind these organizations and the incredible individuals steering them.

In this series, we aim to go beyond the numbers and unveil the passion, dedication, and stories that drive these organizations to make a difference. From veterans' support networks to environmental conservation efforts and community-building initiatives, each episode of the Grounds for Good Series is a window into the lives and missions of the people who tirelessly work to create positive change.

Check out the first two installments here.


6. The Launch of Seven Summits Instant Coffee

One of the most exciting moments of 2023 had to be the launch of our eagerly anticipated Seven Summits Instant Coffee. This marked a significant expansion of our product line, introducing a convenient solution for those on the go!

Crafted from the finest Single Origin Honduran beans, Seven Summits Instant Coffee comes in 12 convenient pre-portioned sticks. We recognized the need for a quick and easy caffeination solution for the outdoor crowd, and Seven Summits Instant Coffee was born out of this desire. The portable and easily packable nature of the pre-portioned sticks makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both the great outdoors and the rich, robust flavor of premium coffee. 

7. Resurfacing the Lot of Our Flagship Coffee Shop

Alpha Coffee achieved a major victory by repaving the parking lot of our flagship coffee shop—a triumph that didn't go unnoticed by our local patrons. For anyone familiar with our OG location, they understand the magnitude of this accomplishment, as the parking lot's makeover was long overdue.

This parking lot transformation is more than just a physical upgrade; it reflects our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We understand that even the smallest details matter, and by addressing the challenges of the parking lot, we aimed to enhance every visitor's experience at Alpha Coffee.


8. Sponsoring US Speedskating Badass, McKenzie Browne

On October 26th, we announced our partnership with, McKenzie Browne, a remarkable member of the US Speedskating National Team! McKenzie is an amazing athlete who personifies the Warrior Ethos that we subscribe to at Alpha Coffee. Her dedication to her sport resonates deeply with our core values. 

McKenzie frequently visits Alpha Coffee while training in Utah. Her presence at Alpha brings an inspiring energy that aligns with our commitment to championing individuals who embody the warrior spirit. We are thrilled to be sponsoring McKenzie as she continues on her quest to the 2026 Winter Olympics!


9. Hosting a Winter Clothing Drive with Warrior Revival

In November, Alpha Coffee hosted a winter clothing drive in collaboration with Warrior Revival—an initiative that aimed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Veterans at the Salt Lake City VA. With the support of our customers and the wider community, we were able to collect an entire truckload of winter clothing to be donated to the Salt Lake City VA!

As we reflect on the best moments of 2023, hosting the winter clothing drive with Warrior Revival stands out as a shining example of the positive change that can be achieved when like-minded individuals join forces to make a difference in the lives of others.


10. Introducing Sample Packs

Closing out the list of our top ten best moments of 2023 is the exciting introduction of Sample Packs! In the spirit of exploration and the pursuit of exceptional coffee experiences, Alpha Coffee proudly introduced 2oz. versions of all of our blends and single origin coffees.

Why settle for just one when you can savor the richness of variety? The Sample Packs offer the perfect opportunity to indulge your curiosity and refine your coffee palate. 



As we bid farewell to 2023, we are filled with gratitude and pride for the incredible journey we've shared with our loyal community. Each of the moments we've highlighted reflects not only our commitment to quality coffee but, more importantly, our dedication to the values that define Alpha Coffee.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every customer who has been a part of our story this year. Your support has been the driving force behind our success, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve you. As we step into the new year, we eagerly anticipate more shared moments, more opportunities to make a positive impact through our Grounds for Good Program, and more chances to savor exceptional coffee together. Thank you, and here's to 2024!


  • Jane Martin said:

    Hi Lori & Carl – I’m totally in awe of all you have accomplished in 2023 and all you are doing for GOOD! What a joy it was to read all these moments. Thanks for taking the time to put them together. You and your family are always close to my heart. Look forward to catching up soon! With love —Jane

    March 07, 2024

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