Every Order Placed Sends A Cup of Coffee to Deployed Troops

Frequently Asked Questions

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The first part of our mission is to provide our customers with Awesome Coffee. We do this by starting with great beans, proper roasting, and freshness. No compromising. No fillers. No shortcuts. Only the good stuff. Add to this documented, repeatable processes and lots of quality control checks.

Great beans depend on being dialed in and having access to producers who have both great farms and great practices. We are diligent in keeping up with what is happening seasonally in the various coffee growing regions – so we substitute new beans from different regions in our blends to make sure we consistently hit the flavor profile and quality coffee standards we have set for ourselves. Our coffee is made up of high end Arabica beans grown on small farms, coops, and estates located in the premier coffee growing regions around the world.
We take this premium quality coffee and meticulously roast it with care and attention to detail, to coax out the nuances, flavors, and aromas of the beans. We use both art and science to ensure delight and consistency. Then we add a pound of patriotism and a dash of badass to take it to the next level.

As one customer put it “All these years I thought I was drinking good coffee… but after ordering from you, I realized that I had been drinking disappointment.” Life is too short for bad coffee, order some of ours and see what great coffee tastes like.
The warrior way means knowing your craft, protecting the innocent and weak, serving the greater good, using intelligence and strength to succeed, being disciplined, willingly taking on challenges and hardship, embracing the team concept, living honorably and honestly, giving back, and always doing the right thing. This lifestyle is both challenging and rewarding and we would not have it any other way.
All work and no play makes for a boring, empty, dreadful life. Not our “cup of coffee”. We work to live, not the other way around. Do we work hard? Abso-freakin-lutely. But we temper it with joking, laughing and smiling as much as possible. And we get outside into Mother Nature’s gym to get the blood pumping whenever we can. Work hard, play hard.

The lessons we have learned as combat veterans about how to live through intense situations and return to normalcy and sanity have a ton to do with not getting stuck in that dark place, and making sure the “fun” never dies. Humor and play are very healing.

So we try not to take ourselves too seriously and keep things in perspective. Sure, life always throws challenges at you, but how bad can it be if no one is shooting at you right now? Enjoy a cup of awesome and appreciate the good times.
While we are a for-profit organization, we are also a cause based coffee company and are considering organizing ourselves as a Benefit Corporation. We believe in compassionate capitalism where people and profits are not mutually exclusive. We also believe that we are responsible for coming up with solutions and not looking for others to fix everything. So we decided it was extremely important to us to put our money where our mouth is and be part of the solution - to make giving back to the military and veteran community our cause and part of our mission.
  • We donate coffee to deployed troops and give you the option to do the same
  • We donate a portion of profits to well run military charities, particularly those focused on helping veterans and their families through educational opportunities, mission focused employment, and outdoor therapy.
  • Whenever possible, we try first to hire other vets and to work with other veteran suppliers or companies that support veterans
Yes, we offer freshly roasted whole bean coffee and we also are happy to grind your coffee to order. We offer drip grind, French press grind and espresso grind.
We search the world over for great tasting coffee. Through our relationships and years of business, we are able to choose the best beans from almost anywhere in the world. We source great tasting, high-end Arabica beans for our blends and single origin coffees. In a couple of our blends we use a very small amount of high end Robusta beans for balance, flavor, and increased caffeine content.

Our sources for great coffee come from places as far away as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, to Ethiopia and Rwanda, to Central America and Columbia and Brazil, and of course we love our US grown Hawaiian Kona beans.

So the sources for our coffee lie in the premier coffee growing highland regions of the world, close to the equator.  They are usually small producers with great soil and big hearts, who care deeply about the land that provides them with amazing coffee and the ability to earn a good living and take care of their families.
Organic and Fair Trade certifications are often used by consumers to discern whether the items they are purchasing match their values. We applaud “ethical consumerism” – in fact it is a cornerstone of our company - and we are big supporters of organic agriculture and strong advocates of paying workers who are the backbone of the coffee system, a fair and livable wage.

Our coffee and cocoa products all meet these high values we believe deeply in. However, not all our coffee and cocoa is certified as Organic or Fair Trade (we have clearly marked those that are certified - both on the web site and on our packaging). The reason for this has to do with the requirements and processes for both the “Organic” and “Fair Trade” certifications by third party organizations based in the mature economies of the more economically developed countries.

Getting certified Organic is a very stringent process that requires years of soil testing and documentation, as well as a very segregated processing and transportation regimen. Not every small specialty coffee grower is equipped or inclined to pay for this process. Their motivation for doing so is to charge a higher price for their coffee. But in many cases, they are already receiving top dollar for their delicious coffees, so they have no motivation to get an organic certification, even if they are already using organic growing methods.

The Fair Trade explanation is a little more complicated but similar. To be certified Fair Trade there are 30+ pages of standards you must meet. These range from detailing member farm size, meeting prescribed electoral processes and democratic organization, to contractual transparency and reporting, to environmental standards, and many others I have not included here. Most small farmers and business owners do not welcome that kind of prescriptive overhead from a third-party, first-world perspective or the costs associated with it. In the case of some cooperatives and family owned farms, the requirements for Fair Trade that go beyond compensation can make it untenable.

So while we support the concepts and goals of the Organic and Free Trade certifications, we feel that the reality of these certifications are far from perfect. And we know from personal experience that just like the best wines and cheeses, the best coffee is not always certified Organic or Fair Trade.

We are proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and we strongly support its ongoing programs to promote coffee worker safety, fair compensation and livable wages, and health and environmental protections for a strong sustainable coffee industry beginning at its origin. At the end of the day, we feel great about the coffee we buy, the people we buy it from, and what we provide to our customers.
We offer FREE SHIPPING within the continental US on all orders over $50. Most packages will arrive within 2-3 business days of being shipped.

This is better than Amazon – like getting PRIME for free.

All orders between $30 and $50 are shipped for a flat rate of $2.95 and all orders under $30 are shipped for a flat rate of $5.95. For AK, HI, US territories, and all APO/FPO/DPO orders, we have a $5.00 surcharge due to the significantly higher shipping costs we are charged to ship to these locations.

We are currently working to find a cost effective solution to ship outside of the US.
We typically ship within a day or two of the order being placed so you get the freshest coffee possible.

At times we may ship the same day of the order if we have a fresh batch available. At other times, we will wait based on not having a freshly roasted batch available.

If we are not able to ship within a couple of days of your order, we will proactively reach out to you to let you know the status of your order.
Absolutely!  We've been there and done that so we make sure to support APO/FPO/DPO order addresses and we ship a ton of coffee overseas to these addresses.

All you have to do is put APO/FPO/DPO in the “City” field. Put AA, AE, or AP in the “State” field, and then put in the zip code. We ask that you please double check your address. The APO system is very strict about proper addresses and will simply reject the package and return it to us as "undeliverable" if it is even off slightly. We pay for the shipping whether it is deliverable or not, and it often takes weeks for us to get the “undeliverable” package returned to us.

Unfortunately we do not have a good way to provide tracking for APO shipments since once it leaves the USPS and enters the military/diplomatic mail system, we have no visibility.
For military and those that are veterans, we offer a 10% discount on every order. We also offer a 10% discount for law enforcement, first responders, and teachers. This is a core part of our mission. We are working to automate this discount. In the meantime, reach out to us if you have questions about how to take advantage of these discounts. We also offer discounts for recurring orders - see more information about this in our Coffee Club section.  We have a different pricing structure for wholesale accounts.  If you make purchases of 20 bags or more at a time – contact us to become a wholesale customer.
Simply go to the link on our top menu or to www.coffeefortroops.org and fill out the form to sign up. We will put you on the list and as we have the volume of sales to be able to donate or get donations from customers, we will send out a Coffee for Troops care package to you. You can encourage your friends and family to help by donating or purchasing coffee from us.
It depends on what method you use to brew your coffee. For conventional drip, you will use one measurement, French press another, espresso is completely different, and cold brew is different as well. We do have some guidance on our Coffee Brewing video series.

  • Drip Brewing – 2 Tbsp or 10 grams of coffee for every 6 ounces of filtered water.
  • French Press – 55 grams of coffee for our 48 oz French press.
  • Pour Over – 22 grams of coffee to 12 oz of filtered water.
  • Cold Brew – (for the Toddy) 12 oz of French press grind coffee to 7 cups of water – extract for 18 hrs
We highly recommend using a simple, inexpensive kitchen scale like this one available on Amazon (xxxxxxxxxxxx). We recommend you experiment with our different coffees to dial them into your taste preference beginning with the guidelines above. For a consistently great tasting cup. It is important to be precise with your coffee and water measuring standards. As well a using filtered water and a consistent grind type.
That is like asking “who is your favorite child”… we love all our children and we love all our coffees.

The better question is which coffee best fits the favor profile I like best. This is personal preference. Often people think, the darker the coffee roast the better and that darker is more flavorful and robust. This is a misconception. In general we would encourage folks who normally lean toward darker roasts to try some of our lighter and medium roasts.

When it comes to specialty coffee like ours, the darker roasts can cover the nuances and special characteristics of the beans. See our FAQ on dark versus light roast and check out our Coffee 101 training for more insight into figuring out what flavor profile you like best.

To give you a starting point, our most popular blend is Warrior Select – which is a well-balanced and non-bitter but bold and delicious special medium dark roast.  It is especially great as an espresso.

Our Smooth Operator and Dawn Patrol are extremely popular as well and are on the lighter side, similar to "Blond roasts" - easy drinking and delicious. Another customer favorite is the medium roast Charlie Don’t Surf – Kona Blend. It offers those who love the great Hawaiian flavor profiles a cost effective way to enjoy that amazing island coffee taste.  

Our Lock-n-Load Java Special Reserve is a classic Moka Java blend. Named for the combination of Yemeni beans (from Moka) and Indonesian beans (from Java), it is one of the oldest blends created and is fantastic.

Our Double Barrel Black is a Double French Roast and has our highest caffeine content. If you truly like dark and more astringent coffees, this is your blend.

We also offer a fantastic organic blend – Task Force Zulu, that is both tasty and delicious. Our Victory Espresso Blend is another organic blend in a darker roast that makes a great espresso but is not bitter.

Finally, if you want to begin exploring with some fabulous coffees with unique flavor profiles, try our World Origins line – these are all premium, single origin, coffees you'll be glad you discovered.
This is another tough one. And again, it depends on what you are looking for.

We love espresso – that dark syrupy blast of strong coffee flavor is an acquired taste but we absolutely love it. Many people love espresso and if they might not take it straight up, they love espresso based drinks made with milk or cream. Milk fats are particularly good at bringing out coffee flavor, so a splash of cream or using whole milk for a latte or cappuccino will often enhance the coffee.

If you don't have a couple thousand dollars for an espresso machine at home and aren't near our Coffee Shop in Cottonwood Heights, UT or one of the many coffee shops serving our coffee around the country, then try a Moka pot.  It is an inexpensive way to brew up coffee with an espresso level of intensity of taste.

French Press is definitely high on the list of our favorite ways to brew. It allows the coffee oils to remain in your cup rather than being absorbed by a paper filter. It will provide an earthier, stronger result than a drip filtered coffee. You will likely have some sediment, but we personally find that to be a minor annoyance.

Aeropress is also an outstanding way to brew coffee as well. It lies somewhere between an espresso and a filtered coffee. We love the results and if you have never tried it, you are missing out.  It is a great way to enjoy great coffee.

Drip coffee can be fantastic if your equipment is decent, you perform the proper maintenance AND if you use good water and high quality coffee. Drip filtered coffee offers a more “bright” taste to your coffee. Sometimes a hot mug of drip brewed coffee is just the ticket.

Pour overs are a way to do drip coffee on an individual scale getting the most out of your coffee. We love this for an afternoon pick me up. Learn more about the different ways to brew in our Training section.
We support buying local 100%, with a couple of caveats. Local is often, although not always, a great choice for food and beverage items due to freshness and a focus on quality ingredients. The key is to find someone competent who starts with high quality ingredients, focuses on freshness and is consistent. We have tasted locally roasted coffees that are horrible and others that are incredible. The skill of the roaster, the quality of the beans, and their processes make all the difference. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if the local product is the best tasting product. Our goal is to provide coffee and cocoa choices that exceed your local options.  And if you are local to Utah and in the Salt Lake valley, come see us at our shop for a hot cup of awesome and the ability to pick up fresh coffee beans to take home.
According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale is graded "specialty." Specialty coffees are grown in special and ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects. All of our coffee meets this standard. You can find more information at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specialty_coffee
Coffee blends are created by blending various coffee beans to meet a desirable flavor profile. The oldest recorded coffee blend is a Moka Java blend with beans from Yemen (the beans were shipped from the Red Sea port of Al-Makah or Moka) blended with beans from the then Dutch Colony of Indonesia (Java). This blend took the dry processed beans from the fertile tip of the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen with their intense, fruity acidity and blended them with the more earthy, heavy bodied profile of the wet processed Indonesian beans from the island of Java. Today this blend often includes dry processed Ethiopian beans with wet processed Sumatran beans. Our Moka Java blend is named Lock-n-Load Java Special Reserve and uses Ethiopian and Sumatran beans for a wonderful, balanced blend.

So a coffee blend takes flavor profiles of various coffee beans and blends them together to create a certain flavor profile.  One analogy is to think of making tomato sauce by using a variety of tomato types to get a certain taste. At Alpha Coffee, we have meticulously chosen a few flavor profiles to create a number of blends and we work diligently to create a consistent, delicious taste for each of these – regardless of season, time of year, or source of the beans. So we can often substitute one coffee bean from a certain farm that has no more crop this year with another from a neighboring country or farm that has the same flavor profile.

By contrast, single origin coffees are literally coffees from one region/farm/estate with no other coffee beans blended in. They can have unique flavor profiles and this can even vary from season to season. Going back to our tomato sauce analogy, think about only using one type of roma tomato, grown in one location to make a unique tomato sauce. Single Origin coffees are fun for exploration and you will definitely find unique and delicious coffees among them in our World Origins series of coffees.
We stand behind our products 100%. If you are not satisfied with our coffee, cocoa, or other products for any reason, simply contact us. We will make sure you are happy. Our customers love our products and our company and their continued support is testament to our commitment to quality and satisfaction.