International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Powerful Women at Alpha Coffee

International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Powerful Women at Alpha Coffee

As we join the rest of the world in celebrating International Women's Day, Alpha Coffee is extremely excited to honor the incredible female leaders who help shape our company with their passion, expertise, and dedication to our amazing team. We are proud to be shining a spotlight on these women and the roles they play within Alpha.

Join us as we introduce you to the remarkable women at Alpha Coffee. We hope their stories inspire you to recognize and value the profound impact women have on the world.

Lori Churchill: Co-Founder / Duchess of Coffee

Lori co-founded Alpha Coffee with her husband, Carl, in 2010. In their personal relationship, they had always been full and equal partners, so it felt natural to do the same when starting a business together. 

She and Carl traveled the world together while Carl was in the military, and they made a mutual decision for Lori to stay at home and raise their kid’s full time. As their children grew up and started school, Lori started her own massage therapy business and took on both corporate and private clients. That business ended during the Great Recession of 2009. 

Carl was a partner in a cloud based software startup that also got wiped out by the recession. They found themselves holding hands together, taking a deep breath, and cashing out their life savings to start an online coffee business and run it out of their basement with the help of their two kids. 

We say at Alpha that We Win as a Team. That’s something that resonates strongly with our founders because that’s what they’ve always done! Divide responsibilities, consult each other, make collaborative decisions, and support each other whether celebrating wins or dealing with setbacks.  

“While I’m thankful for every member of our team, I’m especially proud of the strong young women leaders we have. Society is changing and finally honoring women in all kinds of roles and I’m very proud Alpha is part of that.”


Mariah Hale: Director of Customer Experience

Mariah was hired on as a full time barista at Alpha Coffee over six years ago, just months after the grand opening of Alpha’s flagship coffee shop. Within nine months, she became the first general manager at Alpha.

Being part of a small family-run business meant wearing many hats during her initial years at Alpha – from online fulfillment to event coordination, wholesale, renovations, and beyond. The art of coffee, the unique Alpha culture, and the mission to give back became integral parts of her life, making Alpha more than just a workplace.

In late 2019, Mariah’s fiancé was offered a job in Seattle and while they were excited to  start a journey in the pacific northwest, Mariah was devasted to be leaving Alpha behind. Thankfully, Carl and Lori had something else in mind and she was offered a fully remote position in Washington. Without hesitation, she embraced this opportunity and continued her journey with Alpha.

Today, as the Director of Customer Experience, she oversees all customer communications, experiences, and email marketing. Mariah feels incredibly fortunate to be part of a company that has placed immense faith in her as a young woman, providing numerous opportunities to pursue her passions.

“I’m so grateful to say that I work somewhere that continuously shows how much they value the power of women. I am proud to be part of a team that uplifts and empowers women with so many opportunities directly within the company and outside of Alpha through our Grounds for Good program.”


Chloe McPeak: Director of Operations

In the spring of 2021, Chloe accepted a position at Alpha’s flagship café in Cottonwood Heights, seeking a job to fill her time during a semester off from school. This decision would lead to an immense love for the work, culture, and craft at Alpha. She quickly decided to dive in and commit herself to a full time role.

Chloe’s growth within Alpha has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting as a barista, she progressed through the ranks as a shift lead, assistant manager, and general manager, demonstrating her dedication to the entire Alpha team.

Today, Chloe proudly holds the position of Director of Operations, a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to Alpha. Her journey as a young female leader at Alpha has not only been about personal success but also about setting an example for others.

“As a powerful woman I feel a sense of responsibility to uplift my community through positivity, insight, and hard work. My favorite part about being a young female leader, besides the looks I see on people's faces when I tell them, is the example I can set for others who are willing to put in the hard work!”



Kiyanna Wright: Training Manager and Events Coordinator

Kiyanna started Alpha Coffee 3 years ago as a part time barista while going to school in order to learn more about coffee. After completing her recreational therapy internship at the VA, Kiyanna’s passion for giving back to veterans and supporting the local outdoor community grew even more.

Kiyanna chose to stay with Alpha after graduating from the University of Utah so she could continue learning and teaching others about coffee as well as supporting veterans and the outdoors. She now works for Alpha full time as the Training Manager and Events Coordinator.

Kiyanna helped develop and finalize our new hire training program and works one on one with every employee during their first few months on the team and through their barista training. She also plans and takes the lead on executing all Alpha Coffee related events.

“Working alongside such uplifting women and giving back to nonprofits that work so hard to maintain our outdoor playground has been exciting and so rewarding. I feel lucky to have met all the amazing women here at Alpha and consider each one a dear friend.”



Sydney Myers: General Manager – Salt Lake City

Sydney got started at Alpha as a part time barista in early December of 2022. She wanted a job where she could have fun and build a community, as well as build skills in coffee.

Sydney quickly progressed at Alpha’s flagship location and then transferred to the downtown location in the summer of 2023 to help us Win As A Team and enhance Alpha’s culture in the new cafe.

She was promptly promoted to a shift lead at Alpha Coffee SLC and when the position opened, Sydney took on the role of General Manager. Under Sydney's guidance, Alpha Coffee SLC has not only maintained its reputation for exceptional service and quality but has also seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and business growth.

“I love being a good example of a female leader because through daily efforts, I’m showing other women that they are capable and qualified to be a leader themselves.”



Skylar Kalchik: General Manager – Big Cottonwood Canyon

Skylar began as a part time barista in January of 2023. Since then she has become a core part of the Big Cottonwood Canyon team. Skylar has embraced every opportunity for growth and development, progressing from barista to shift lead, and then shift lead to General Manager.

Specifically, Skylar, feels like the ability to work closely under other female leaders at Alpha, like Lori and Chloe, was instrumental in her growth within the company. Their mentorship has provided invaluable insights into the nuances of being a woman in leadership. 

Under Skylar’s guidance, Alpha’s flagship location continues to thrive, reflecting her commitment to The Alpha Difference. Her dedication and enthusiasm have created an atmosphere where customers and team members alike feel seen and welcomed.

“Being a female leader at Alpha has helped me to grow and become more confident and comfortable within my role and I’m proud to be a part of the leadership team.”



Autumn Hale: Food and Beverage Manager

One of Alpha’s goals for 2023 was expanding the in-house menu offerings to provide more breakfast options and introduce new lunch selections. Autumn was hired in the fall and has played a pivotal role in accomplishing just that.

With years of experience in the food industry, Autumn's passion for cooking and creating memorable culinary experiences has been evident from her first day. Having been in management roles previously, she has developed the confidence and courage to trust her instincts and believe in herself. Her passion for cooking and her self-starter attitude have been the driving forces behind her success at Alpha.

Since her start as Food and Beverage Manager, Alpha has launched a slew of new menu items including overnight oats, greek yogurt parfaits, protein packed salads, and nutrient dense quinoa bowls.

“I’ve always felt the urge to lead, and I value the opportunity to do that here. Seeing such an amazing group of women in the majority of our leadership positions, including one of our owners, is so empowering. I’m so happy that I get to be a part of it”

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