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What is the Warrior Ethos?

They don’t call it military “service” for nothing. You’re asked to go beyond yourself and take on challenges few others will accept.

This is what we call The Warrior Ethos.

Living The Warrior Ethos is about stepping forward to make a positive change in our communities.

And as a Veteran and Woman Co-Owned coffee company, Alpha Coffee believes in teamwork, giving back, and, most of all, having fun while we make awesome coffee.

It all started with our life’s journeys from military deployments in Central America to exploring some of the best coffee shops in Europe. We fell in love with everything coffee offers – the flavors, the warmth, and an invitation to share and build community – and decided to give back through its greatness.

We give back to those who serve us, our communities, and our world. While making awesome coffee is always our first goal, it’s the conduit for emboldening others to live a life of service.

We want to inspire everyone to enjoy great coffee without pretense while enabling them to make the world around them a better place.

Because that’s what we’ve always done and will continue to do – one cup at a time.


  • Jill Fonte said:

    We love the vibe at Alpha! The employees are so friendly and so welcoming, and the coffee is the best in the Salt Lake environs!

    July 06, 2023

  • Brian F. Nelson Hathaway said:

    Thank you ALL for your Service and for offering such OUTSTANDING coffee. May God Bless and protect you and your families today and ALWAYS!

    July 06, 2023

  • Casey said:

    Thank You for sharing this information & your service.
    Shine On and stay hydrated with proper caffeinated beverages ✨🙏👏🏻

    July 06, 2023

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