Dawn Patrol - Breakfast Blend

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Roast: Medium Light

Profile: Almond, Milk Chocolate

Source: Central and South America, Papua New Guinea

When you wake up, you need to hit the ground running — fast. What better way than with our Dawn Patrol coffee? We took our time to develop a blend that will wake up your taste buds so you're ready to tackle your day head-on.

Our breakfast blend is smooth with the rich taste of almonds and milk chocolate. No matter how busy you are, your next cup of Dawn Patrol breakfast blend will be one you savor. 

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What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Have you ever wondered why some coffee is a breakfast blend while others are not? A simple answer is that most breakfast blends contain light to medium roasts that people tend to crave more in the morning. Light roasts have complex flavors and are often brighter and balanced in taste, while medium roasts have a more full-bodied robust flavor. 

Given that a breakfast blend changes from brand to brand, there's no universal definition for it. The answer to what makes coffee a breakfast blend instead of a light or dark roast lies in its balanced and smooth flavor. Beans sourced from Central America and Indonesia are typically used in order to enhance the flavor profile and balance out the acidity of the roast. In simple terms, a breakfast blend will deliver a nicely flavored coffee without overwhelming the drinker first thing in the morning. 

When deciding what makes coffee a breakfast blend, there are certain criteria that roasters consider, including:

  • Acidity:Breakfast blends typically have higher acidity levels due to their floral, bright flavors. When measuring blends for acidity, roasters taste for how much bite the coffee has rather than sourness.
  • Body: When discussing coffee, the body refers to how heavy a coffee may taste to the drinker. Breakfast blends are typically medium-bodied. Another way to think about body in coffee is to compare how different 2% milk may feel in your mouth compared to skim milk.
  • Aftertaste: The aftertaste is how long the flavor of the coffee remains in your mouth after you have swallowed. Roasters look for a clean, sharp aftertaste in breakfast blend coffee.
  • Flavor: Flavor comes from a combination of roast, richness, and complexity of the bean. Many coffee drinkers want a flavorful coffee with enough of a bite to perk them up in the morning, much like our own Dawn Patrol coffee.

Is Breakfast Blend Coffee Strong?

The breakfast blend is often a lighter roast than others. The goal of a breakfast blend is to provide a gentle pick-me-up in the morning. 

Breakfast blends have a sharper taste due to higher acidity and higher amounts of caffeine. While some other blends of coffee — such as dark roasts — pair well with pastries, breakfast blends can stand alone and are the easiest to drink straight black. If you're more of a coffee with your cream kind of person, we'd recommend going with a darker roast to allow the coffee flavor to shine. Although if you do want to enjoy a Café au Lait made with our Dawn Patrol blend, we won't stop you!

Start Your Day With Dawn Patrol Coffee

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