Every Order Placed Sends A Cup of Coffee to Deployed Troops

About Us

About Alpha Coffee

We are a veteran and military-spouse co-owned and operated company dedicated to offering our customers amazing coffee, promoting the warrior lifestyle, providing the highest levels of service, and giving back to our military and veterans.


On Sept. 11, 2010, we were co-founded by LTC(R) Carl Churchill, a combat veteran with 21 years of service as both an enlisted soldier and officer, and his wife Lori Churchill, a military spouse and coffee lover.  The company started out as Lock-n-Load Java, selling exclusively over the web.  In 2016 the company rebranded to Alpha Coffee, selling both online and via other retailers.  In 2017, Alpha will open their first coffee shop, staying close to home with their first location at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

From the start, Carl and Lori wanted to create a different kind of company guided by the principles they lived by.  

That is the origin of our simple Alpha Coffee Mission Statement:

Awesome Coffee
Get Your Warrior On
Have Fun
Give Back


    We specifically promote the warrior mentality and ethos - the Alpha lifestyle.  This encompasses serving others, living a life of honor, embracing challenge, constantly striving for excellence, staying physically and mentally sharp, connecting with the outdoors and our natural world, and... drinking lots of awesome coffee!


    Team Alpha is made up of like-minded individuals who have embraced the warrior spirit and lifestyle.  All have committed to being part of a company that consistently provides outstanding, top grade premium coffee and serves its community of customers, its employees, and its suppliers with professionalism, honor, dignity, respect and integrity - Always!

    Coffee with a Cause

    We recognize the special sacrifice of those serving in harm's way and we commit that a portion of every batch of coffee we roast will be sent to deployed troops downrange.  As these troops will tell you themselves, there is nothing like a hot cup of awesome to feel the support and love from home.  Check out our Coffee for Troops page to learn more about this amazing program supporting our warriors far from home.

    We honor all those who have served in the military with a special 10% Veteran Discount on all coffee and cocoa products.

    We also honor our warriors and their families by setting aside a portion of profits to support well-run charities that give back to the military community, particularly those focused on helping veterans and their families through educational opportunities, mission focused employment, and outdoor therapy.


    Our Co-founders

    Carl had just returned from a deployment to Central America in the mid 80's and was serving with 9th Infantry Division when he met Lori in Tacoma, Washington.  They married a couple of years later in 1989 and have shared the journey that so many military couples encounter… multiple moves, challenging separations, deployments, and the pride of serving our great nation.

    After Carl's retirement, following 21 years of service - with Lori at his side, they sat down together over a cup of coffee, as they had so many times before, and discussed their future.

    Together they discussed their passion for great coffee, their strong commitment to a warrior lifestyle, and their unwavering support for the military community.  Alpha Coffee was born out of this passion, commitment, and drive to give back.  That same strong motivation is visible in every cup of coffee we sell and in the way we conduct business every day.



    I grew up in a loving and supportive family in Tacoma, Washington.  My father is a Vietnam veteran and served as a Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy for 33 years.  My mother and stepmom are both strong women and small business owners who taught me a lot about life, love, and hard work.

    Growing up in Tacoma, the home of Joint Base Lewis - McChord, I was always aware of the military and came into contact with many military kids who's parents served but I never thought it was the life for me.  Then I met Carl and fell head over heels in love.  I got a taste of what was to come when we were separated for a 6 month deployment while we were still dating.  But little did I know of the wonders and challenges that lay ahead of me as a military spouse.

    I came to understand the honor and sacrifice that became a part of our marriage.  I cried and I laughed and tried to be strong when I was worried sick.  I found out that when your husband went to war, watching the news sometimes made it worse.  I learned to lean on the sisterhood of other military spouses and to hold my family close and dear.  And I learned that a strong cup of great coffee could help make a long sleepless night less devastating - after all I am a Washington State girl who loves good coffee.

    Together Carl and I forged a deep, strong marriage and raised two wonderful children who bring us joy and pride.  And when we decided to start Alpha Coffee, we wanted to do it together.  We wanted to create a company that we would be proud of, one that reflected our commitment to the warrior lifestyle, and one that we could use to help support the community that had done so much for us.  We hope you love our coffee as much as we do and we hope you share it with people you love.



    I grew up an Army brat… born in Germany and raised on military bases all over the world.  With a German mother and an Army father, my whole life was steeped in the warrior ethos and lifestyle.  My family was full of veterans.  My teachers and neighbors were Vietnam vets.  My coaches were Airborne Rangers and my Judo Instructor was a Green Beret.  All these combat veterans led by example and challenged me to live up to their standards.

    Growing up, I sought out challenges - academic, physical, and mental. And these made me stronger. I felt most at home in the outdoors, whether they were the woods of Germany, the jungles of Panama, or the mountains of Utah.  I proudly raised my right hand as a 17 year old Private and took my turn serving my country.  

    While serving as a US Army Soldier, I won an ROTC scholarship, earned my commission, served honorably, and after 21 years of service retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  I served in positions ranging from Squad Team Leader to Platoon Leader to LRS Company Commander to Detachment Commander… along with serving my time in staff officer purgatory.  During my many deployments, I had the great fortune to serve with numerous outstanding individuals and teams.  I have shared many a cup of coffee - both good and bad - with these warriors on cold mornings and late nights.

    During deployments and overseas tours, I saw parts of the world most others don't experience… and spent time working with my brothers and sisters in the other military services, the national intelligence community, and the Special Operations community.  I gained great respect for all the armed forces of this great nation.  The rivalries between the services I experienced then, now act as bonds between the veterans I meet.

    Every time I "reentered the atmosphere" coming back from a deployment, I used four things to get my head back on straight. I went into the outdoors to heal.  I focused on physical challenge to combat stress, work out anger, and center myself. I embraced a warrior mentality of growth, learning, and focus on the future... the next mission. Finally, I made sure to spend time with the love of my life, to smile and talk and laugh over many cups of great coffee.

    Our life has been a wonderful, crazy, and challenging adventure through multiple deployments, numerous moves, financial setbacks, raising two amazing children, and starting our own small business.  Along the way, we've held together and strengthened our relationship through our mutual love of the outdoors, a focus on physical fitness, cooking and enjoying good food and good coffee together, a never quit attitude, and lots of communication and support.  And despite every challenge, we are going strong and are proud to have our family working with us in the business.


    Team Alpha

    We sincerely appreciate those who have become customers... and in the process become part of Team Alpha.  We welcome you to a community that embraces the warrior ethos and enjoys top quality, no compromise premium coffee and cocoa. Thank you for your loyalty and continued support of our mission.

    We welcome your feedback and love to hear about your experiences with our coffee and our company.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we are committed to providing a level of service that is as outstanding as our products.


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