Charitable Giving

While we are very much a for-profit organization, we are also a cause-based coffee company that gives back. We believe in compassionate capitalism where people and profits are not mutually exclusive.

A core part of our mission is to give back.

We strongly believe that the most effective solutions come from the grass roots rather than waiting on large organizations or the government for a plan. So we decided to be part of the solution. Right from the start of our founding in 2010, we have made giving back to the military and veteran community our cause.

We accomplish this mission in a number of ways:

  • We donate coffee to deployed troops and give you the option to do the same
  • We donate a portion of profits to well run military charities, particularly those focused on helping veterans and their families through educational opportunities, mission focused employment, and outdoor therapy.
  • Whenever possible, we try first to hire other vets and to work with other veteran suppliers or companies that support veterans

So if you believe in using your purchasing power to support companies who give back to causes you believe in, we are proud to offer a great product with a great mission to give back.

Donating Coffee to Our Troops

At Alpha Coffee, we know from experience how a hot cup of coffee can genuinely make a difference in the days of those in the military. With our Coffee for Troops program, you can send a coffee care package to our brave men and women to thank them for all that they do. Or, if you want to support our cause, we have an option for monetary donations, too. You can send your deployed troop coffee package to a specific or random U.S. military unit. 

Charitable Partners

One of our core values at Alpha Coffee is to be a company that gives back, which is why we're proud to donate a percentage of our proceeds to four military charities dedicated to supporting our veterans and troops. 

Continue Mission

Continue Mission (CM) is a non-profit organization that provides recreational and educational events to offer opportunities for healing and camaraderie among our veterans. Each event is free for registered veterans and their families or support members who wish to participate. CM takes an active role in suicide prevention, and their programs are proven to have a positive impact on the mental health of those who participate. 


VETPAW empowers post-9/11 U.S. combat veterans to protect and train park rangers to combat poaching in Africa. Veterans use their combat training to provide surveillance and protection for endangered animals while educating the local community about conservation.

Heroes and Horses

Heroes and Horses' goal is to assist soldiers during their transition back into civilian life. During the three-phase program, veterans learn skills such as horsemanship and stock management. Veterans then have the opportunity to take part in internships and full-time jobs where they can apply their new skills.

Labs for Liberty

Labs for Liberty's mission of helping veterans heal from combat works in two ways. The first is to train Labrador Retrievers as service dogs for wounded servicemen and women. The second is to provide free-of-charge retreats to allow veterans and their families to rest and recharge. 

Embrace the Alpha Mentality

When you buy Alpha Coffee products, you're supporting a coffee company that gives back to our veterans. In addition to our charitable giving, each coffee purchase automatically donates a cup of coffee to our troops. Help us thank our military by purchasing Alpha Coffee today. 

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