Charlie Don't Surf - Kona Blend

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Roast: Medium

Profile: Cocoa, Buttery Light Caramel

Source: Kona, Pacific Islands, Central America

If you didn't think Hawaii could get any better, wait until you try their coffee. Hawaiian coffee, also known as Kona coffee, is one of the most sought-after brews in the world. At Alpha Coffee, we love Kona coffee beans just as much as the next person; so we had to make our very own Kona Blend, Charlie Don't Surf.

Each sip of our Charlie Don't Surf blend contains hints of cocoa and light buttery caramel that you can enjoy any time, day or night. With an irresistible smoothness, this coffee is bold without being bitter and provides a well-rounded and delicious flavor. If you love Kona coffee and want to experience the best of what Hawaii has to offer, this is the coffee for you. 

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What Makes Kona Coffee So Special?

Kona coffee refers to coffee beans grown in the Kona district of Hawaii between the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. This area is sometimes referred to as the Kona coffee belt and stretches almost 30 miles. The Kona district climate combines unique growing features to create the perfect conditions for cultivating coffee. 

These conditions include:

  • Sun in the morning.
  • Clouds and rain in the afternoon.
  • Rich volcanic soil.
  • Tropical temperatures.

What Does Kona Coffee Taste Like?

Kona coffee's popularity is mainly due to its great taste. Traditionally, Kona coffee is subtly sweet with a fuller body and the perfect amount of acidity . During the roasting process, Kona coffee will first release its sweet fruity flavors. As the beans continue to roast, those sweet notes will diminish slightly and notes of spice and nuts will begin to come through. The coffee beans will also develop more texture, also known as "body" or how heavy the coffee may feel in your mouth. 

Most Kona coffee is roasted on the lighter end of the spectrum to preserve this delectable fruity sweetness. 

What Is a Kona Blend? 

Much like a coffee blend is a combination of coffee from different locations, a Kona blend is a mixture of Kona coffee and coffee beans from other areas. Alpha Coffee's Kona blend combines Kona coffee with beans from the Pacific islands and Central America. 

By using coffee beans from these two locations, our Charlie Don't Surf blend merges the sweetness of Kona coffee beans with the delicious flavors of beans from the Pacific Islands and Central America. The beans from the Pacific Islands amplify Charlie Don't Surf's delicious cocoa flavor, while the beans from Central America help create a delicious caramel sweetness. When combined, these flavor notes really help to enhance the already amazing taste of our Kona beans. 

Buy Kona Coffee From Alpha Coffee

When you buy Kona Coffee, you're doing more than purchasing coffee bursting with flavor. For each bag of coffee purchased, Alpha Coffee will donate a cup of coffee to our troops overseas. In addition to our veteran donations, Alpha Coffee is a proud charitable sponsor of several nonprofits that support our veterans. We also regularly donate to organizations in Utah that bolster the local outdoor community. 

For coffee that tastes good and makes a positive impact, buy a bag of Charlie Don't Surf today. Once you try our coffee, you'll never go back to what you were drinking before. 

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